Vinzan International, Inc. is pleased to announce the 51% acquisition of Colombia Dreams Marihuana Inc. (“Colombia Dreams Marihuana” or “CDM”). Colombia Dreams Marihuana’s operations will fall under Vinzan International’s global umbrella and will be renamed “Vinzan Colombia”. The Colombia Dreams Marihuana brand will be used to market products.


 “We are thrilled to make this announcement and start working together to make Vinzan Colombia a leader in the region.” said CEO, Brian Armstrong “We considered many options to grow our Colombian operation, but the strength of the CDM team set them apart.”

Vinzan’s Colombia operations include two growing locations in Guamo-Tolima and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, totalling over 18 hectares. Vinzan Colombia has been granted licenses for Non -psychoactive cannabis and sowing of seeds by the Government of Colombia and is in the final stages of approval for manufacturing and psychoactive cannabis licenses. Vinzan Colombia’s operation also includes a seeds and genetics program that will provide inputs for all of Vinzan International’s operations.


“In Vinzan International, we found a team that shared our vision for reaching global markets,” said Jairo Moreno “There is a lot of competition in Colombia, and in order to separate ourselves, we needed a partner who understands international markets and has a focused global strategy.”


The Vinzan International team is building a global network of operations to services regional demand for CBD and THC distillates, CBD isolate and end form cannabis products. Vinzan Asia will service the growing cannabis market in Asia-Pacific region while Vinzan Colombia will focus primarily on genetics and distribution within the Americas.


“There is real pressure on the cannabis industry today – investors want to see bottom line profitability, sound management, and a global strategy that can endure the growing pains the industry is experiencing,” said Armstrong “We are seeing a lot of cannabis companies make decisions that leave investors shaking their heads. At Vinzan International, we are executing on a global plan to service high valued markets from low-cost production regions. Our business model takes best practices from the world’s largest agriculture companies and today’s announcement solidifies another piece to that puzzle.”

Vinzan Colombia Team

Jairo Moreno (Vinzan Colombia CEO)

Jairo has extensive experience in the cannabis industry and has spent 17 years working with the National University of Colombia in various roles. He has 15 years of experience working in the business sector as the founder and manager of 4 ventures. Previously, he worked as a consultant for communications for telecom and logistics companies. Jairo will lead Vinzan Colombia’s operations and work closely with executive management team in Toronto, Canada.



Boris Serrano (Master Grower)

Boris has 25 years of experience in agricultural project management, planning, cost control, and inspection. He has extensive experience in commercial and public relations. He is the owner of Richwood, Landscaping Maintenance & Irrigation Corp based in Florida. At Vinzan Colombia, he will be responsible for project management, quality, irrigation technology and plant cultivation development.



Rafael Amador (Board of Directors)

Lawyer and Economist from the Javeriana University and MBA from Los Andes University. With over 25 years experience in the public sector he has served as councilman, House representative, senator and ambassador. In Vinzan Colombia he will oversee relations with government, business sector, NGO’s and financial institutions.



Piedad Rojas (Board of Directors)

Piedad has spent two decades promoting the values and scope of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. During her professional life she has worked as a consultant for social action projects and stakeholder dialogue for the United Nations Development Program, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Colombian Institute of Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Inter-American Development Bank. Piedad Rojas will be in charge of Vinzan Colombia’s Social Responsibility.