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Vinzan International Inc.
2019 Investment Presentation

Investment Resource Centre

We present a unique opportunity to invest in our growing organization. We are committed to realigning the current cannabis industry through our unique approach hedging risk through physical trading, securing long-term agreements with Growers and Customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vinzan International Inc.
2018 Investment Presentation

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Vinzan Summary

  • We offtake dried flower from cultivators in order to process and export from Vinzan facilities to higher value international markets

  • Midstream / downstream focused with licensed operations in Colombia and Southeast Asia

  • 280,000 Kg/year installed cultivation capacity – positions Vinzan as one of the largest producers by estimated volume

  • Experienced Management Team having successfully co-founded a total of 3 Licensed Producers under Health Canada’s ACMPR

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Vinzan International acquires Colombia Dreams Marihuana
(CDM) to form Vinzan Colombia

English / Spanish

– September 11, 2019