Vinzan FAQs

Q. What is physical trading?
A. Agricultural commodity crops such as grain, wheat, soybeans are processed, sold and shipped through physical traders. Agribusinesses like Vinzan contract supply in order to store, process and export cannabis worldwide.


Q. What crops do you trade?
A. Vinzan is laser-focused on cannabis and industrial hemp as our exclusive commodity crops. We have a track record of operational expertise in both physical trading and the licensed cannabis industry. We have applied our knowledge to realign the cannabis supply chain on an international basis.


Q. Is it legal to import / export cannabis?
A. The short answer is – it depends on the country. We have significant experience working with legislators, health authorities and respective narcotic control boards at an international level. We ensure both country of origination and the destination consignees are compliant and onside with U.N International Drug Control Conventions and federal cannabis policy.


Q. Are you licensed?
A. Yes – Vinzan holds licenses in certain operating regions and has expansion licenses currently in application with relevant authorities.


Q. Are your cultivators certified organic?
A. Our cultivation partners adhere to Vinzan quality assurance standards and best practices. We provide strict organic inputs to our partners ensuring consistent, high quality products.


Q. Are you publicly traded?
A. We are currently a privately held corporation. For information on investment opportunities, please contact us –


Q. What products do you supply?
A. We supply:
• Bulk dried flower [THC / CBD / 1:1 strains]
• Concentrated bulk resins
• THC distillates
• CBD Isolate slab
• Vaping hardware


Q. Are you signing supply agreements?
A. Yes – we are presently securing supply agreements for 2019 and beyond. Please contact us – to discuss your needs and our supply capabilities.


Q. Why are you based in Toronto?
A. Although physical traders are traditionally based in large financial centres such as Singapore, Zug Switzerland or London U.K, given the strength of Canada’s cannabis expertise, access to capital markets and federal legalization across all verticals, we firmly believe Toronto is a world-leading cannabis hub.