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our story

Vinzan is a privately-held international cannabis trading & marketing company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Founded in 2005 as fertilizer / nutrient traders, since 2017 we have become one of the largest cannabis supply chain marketers serving long term Cultivation Partners and supplying Dispensary Customers across medical and retail channels.

Vinzan distributes our genetics, cultivation inputs and products in accordance with best practices to a diverse Customer base. Always focused on serving the needs of the industry, we are fully licensed and have an uncompromising approach to offering premium quality products at GACP & EU-GMP standards.

our history

  • Vinzan founded by Graham Armstrong as a fertilizer & nutrients trader serving agricultural industries headquartered in Toronto ON
  • Expands into logistics with bulk shipping department
  • Open advertising department supporting large agricultural Customers
  • Open first branch office in Toyohashi, Japan to develop large Japanese Customer accounts. Itochu & Mitsubishi accounts are added
  • Enter the cannabis industry in Canada under Health Canada’s MMPR program
  • Expansion in the cannabis industry in Canada as Health Canada’s ACMPR program replaces previous MMPR regulations
  • Company core focus develops in cannabis as nutrients and supplies business grows
  • Vinzan Bionutrients subsidiary is launched supporting large scale producers in the United States and Canada
  • Company valuation increases to USD $180 Million as scale of licensed projects under contract, nutrients division and supplies business experiences rapid growth
  • Vinzan acquires Colombian producer CDM and opens subsidiary Vinzan Colombia SAS
  • Vinzan expands into Southeast Asian markets with Thailand business establishment and the largest R&D research project for Lao PDR’s Ministry of Health
  • Vinzan Thailand continues to grow supplying nutrients to growers and quality THC / CBD Oils to a large domestic Hospital network
  • Nutrients division expands with launch of Vinzan Bionutrients Co Ltd based out of Hong Kong
  • Company launches in-house Brand Cannabis Kingdom for bulk Flower, Pre-Rolls and Edibles to support our growing trading division in Thailand
  • Launch of our Dispensary franchise program “Cannabis Kingdom” as a place to showcase Vinzan’s product offerings with a focus on cannabis culture, smoking lounges and all things dank-related
  • Flagship Cannabis Kingdom dispensary opens in Koh Samui, Thailand

The Vinzan Difference

we offtake dried flower from cultivators in order to process and export from Vinzan facilities to higher value international markets.


Cost Advantage

We operate in efficient, low-cost cultivation regions
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Best in class processing delivering consistent medical grade products
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We have the ability to scale rapidly while maintaining SOP compliance and quality